Trippel is an agency that specializes in online advertising through Facebook and Instagram.

Our agency excels at Facebook marketing and we provide the needs to our customers. If that's more revenue, growth or attraction we have got you covered  

We work with a win / win mentality.

So, if we don't generate above benchmark results, we're not getting paid.

"No cure, no pay"

In other words, what you in this partnership is a partner whose goal is to work as hard as humanly possible to show the best results, so your business achieves even higher result than you long for.

We help streamline your Facebook marketing so your focus can rest on your business and you can concentrate on your customers or just sit back and watch the result grow.

Time is time. It's the only resource you can't get more of, so let us do what we are good at, so you can do what you are best at.



First look at your brand and figure out the absolut best way to approach the situation.

We carefully look at everything and lay down a strategie.

And then we optimize


We do everything from A-Z so you can sit back and relax.

We create a solid ad campaign and pin down the perfect target audience. 

So we can generate the results you desire most.


We take over the Facebook aspect and focus directly on producing the best results.

You give us the time and we make the results go BOOM!

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Jacob Schioenning

Owner and founder of Trippel

Hi, my name is Jacob Schiønning I am the owner and founder of Trippel, which helps companies increase their revenue through advertising on Facebook and Instagram.


Let my business help your business take the next big step.


Feel free to to reach out to us - we’d love to talk to you!